Who decides the Hilulot?


CalJ uses a database of Hilulot of Tsaddikim offered by the Breslev.co.il website and some other sources. The hundreds of records were manually written by volunteers.

Some of the entries contain mistakes, which every CalJ user is warmly invited to repair by sending me an email, with as many details as possible. Likewise, many Tsaddikim are missing in this file (Baruch Hashem we have so many incredible Sages in our People) and everyone may contribute to add Hilulot (please provide names, dates, places, short biography).

All the entries are equivalent in the database, and there is no special or hidden meaning in the random (or alphabetical, if any) order in which they are displayed in the app.

13 thoughts on “Who decides the Hilulot?”

    1. Hi, thank you for using my app.
      Sorry about the delay, I just didn’t see you comment about adding a source of yarzeits list.
      Could you be more specific about the Websites you wanted to recommend? The exact address would help.
      Shabbat shalom

    1. Hi Gabi,
      Absolutely! Please feel free to submit entries (names, dates, short biography, and Website link for more info).


      Shabbat shalom

    1. Hi,
      Thank you for using my app.
      Sure: can you please provide the dates, place and country, biography, title of books he wrote, and a hyperlink to a Website with additional information?


  1. Hi, Could you please had the hilula of Rabbi Eliyahu Yosef Rabinowitz on the the 13th of Cheshvan

    It is promised that anybody that would come to his Tziyun on his yahrtzeit – the 13th of Cheshvan – and present a request would have that wish granted within a year

    1. As written on the page: by sending me an email for each entry you wish to add, specifying:

      – name
      – dates of birth and Petirah
      – places of living
      – biography (summary)
      – books
      – Website with additional info.


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