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  1. I want to report a bug in Calj. I just entered a Yarzeit in “My Events” that
    occurs in Adar. When I checked the date in Calj, it is displaying the date
    in Adar ll for next year. The date of death was not in a leap year, so the
    Yarzeit is observed in Adar l.
    Calj for iPad v2.1.7

    1. Dear Barbara,

      There are two opinions. The Ashkenazim retain Adar 1, and the Sefaradim observe the hazcara in Adar 2.

      To be complete, the App should give you the option to choose.
      I will hopefully add the feature in a future release אי׳ה

      For the time being you can force the app to use Adar l by entering the date for 5774 (or any other leap year) instead of the year of death.


  2. iPhone 6+; IOS 9.3.1; CalJ version 3.6.2, All settings refer NY, USA

    Thank you for great and useful job.
    Unfortunately, there is a bug.
    I exported events to my Google calendar.. Unfortunately the reminder (for Sukkot) came at common, not Jewish time, that is at night, but not by sunset.
    Please fix, otherwise the feature does not make sense, as the reminder comes later when the event had occured already.

    1. Dear Henry,
      Thank you for your message, and for using my app.
      I would not define as bug the behaviour that you describe, because it actually works as I expected to — but I understand what you mean.

      The Calendar events are basically supposed to be a quick way to consult your calendar ahead of time in order to avoid fixing a meeting (or a vacation etc.) at an inappropriate date. They are not really meant to fire Zman-related reminders (such as candle times etc.).
      The feature that will help you better, in this particular matter, is for me to extend the current “Rosh Chodesh / Shabbat / Yahrzeit Reminders” (the iOS notifications) to Yamim Tovim as well.

      I will take care of it hopefully in a future release, אי”ה.

      If you think that my understanding is wrong, please feel free to get back to me by email.
      Col tuv,

  3. Calj version 3.7
    iPhone 10.1.1

    When restrictions are set to; “specific websites only”, (in the restrictions menu, click “websites) the app opens for a second then closes by itself.

    1. Thank you for reporting. Are you running iOS 10.1.1? And please can you tell me if the Websites Restrictions are turned on, in the system’s settings, or not?
      Thank you for your help.

      1. Yes, the OS is 10.1.1.
        I am not sure what restrictions you are referring to, but only the notifications were turned off.

        This is occurring on both an iPhone 6s, and an iPad (not a new one).

        I also have 2 iPhone 4’s, one of which I just updated and the problem is occurring there too. (7.1.2).

  4. FYI. The problem was apparently time dependent. It was gone the next day when I opened the app on all three of my Apple devices. THANKS!!

  5. Since upgrading to the latest update of the iPhone CalJ app, it crashes as soon as it displays the new tip of the day feature.
    There is no way for me to switch off this feature, since the app crashes before I can do anything else.
    I am using iOS 7.1.2 running on an iPhone 4.

    1. Irv,
      Thank you for reporting. I will try to see what I can do as soon as possible.
      Meanwhile, can you try to launch the app in Airplane mode, and tell me if it accepts to open without crashing?

      Thank you,
      Col tuv,

    1. Thank you for using my app.
      You’re right, version 3.8.2 contains a defect. I repaired it in an update 3.8.3 which I submitted to Apple for release: as always it stands in their queue and I hope they will publish it soon to the AppStore.

      Thank you for your patience.
      The defect affects only a user who has more than one bookmarked city.

      If you can afford to lose your settings (Custom Anniversaries mostly), you may suppress and reinstall the app without waiting for Apple to release my patch.

      Thanks again, and sorry about that.


  6. This changed to a language that was not English. How do I keep it in English. Also I can not get back to the calendar.

  7. Every time I open the app it sends me to turn on notifications, even tho my notifications for this app are already turned on! I have an iPhone 8 and the problem is super annoying please help.

    1. Hi, thank you for using my app.
      What is the version number of your installed CalJ app? (Settings tab, ‘About’ menu).


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