My Reminder Notifications have stopped


For the best experience, and to continue to receive all the notifications, you should open the app at least once every week.

The reminders for Rosh Chodesh, Shabbat, ‘Omer and other alerts, are implemented with iOS Notifications.

An application is able to register a certain number of scheduled notifications that the system presents at the specified time in the future, even when the app is not open or not in the foreground. However, Apple limits the total number of scheduled notifications that a given app can add to the queue. The delay is not limited, but, given the number of events that CalJ must register even for a relatively short period, the app cannot schedule many Shabbat or Anniversary alerts in the future.

When you open the app, CalJ programs the notifications that should pop in a near future. If you open the app regularly, you give it the opportunity to keep on scheduling the upcoming alerts. If you keep the app closed for a long time, past the last scheduled notification, then there are no more reminders for you, until you reopen CalJ.

In addition, you may verify that the App was granted the necessary permissions to display Notifications, and that the banners are configured as permanent.

10 thoughts on “My Reminder Notifications have stopped”

  1. I have a similar problem with my Android (Samsung Galaxy 8 Plus running Android 9).

    I have CalJ set to show Rosh Chodesh notification at 2pm in the afternoon. But nothing happens. I opened the app today at 5pm and only then did the notification show.

    I checked every setting I can think of in CalJ and the phone, but all notifications are on and CalJ is allowed to run in the background even with Data Saver on.

    Can you help?

    Many thanks,

    1. Hi,
      On Android, this is different.
      Can you make sure that the app has been installed on the internal memory of the device? (as opposed to an external SD card)

    2. Hi Gabriel,
      I too cannot find my notifications. I am using an iPhone wich is up to date. (Ios 15.5). I do consult the calendar frequently.

      1. Hi, thank you for using my app.
        Can you check if the notifications shape is “Permanent Banner”, in iOS Settings?

    1. Hi, thank you for using my app.

      At the moment I have no idea… what is your iOS version? and CalJ version?


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