v2.6.2 is online at last


After an exhausting and painful eight-day waiting, I am relieved to see that ב”ה Apple finally pushed my critical patch on the AppStore.

Download CalJ Now - FREE Jewish Calendar
Download CalJ Now – FREE Jewish Calendar

Thank you all for your patience, and your good reviews in the AppStore (you will post a good review, won’t you).

If you were lucky not to upgrade your copy of CalJ to neither v2.6 nor v2.6.1, or if you are not using an iPhone 5s nor a new iPad, then you probably never noticed the crisis of the past few days.

We can now enjoy again the app and the Locate Me feature, which many users have reported to be fond of during their frequent business travels. Have a great Shabbos, and wonderful Chagim, wherever you are!


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