Tefilat Arvit in CalJ


It happened! Tefilat Arvit is now in #CalJ.

In the Android edition, it’s in version 2.56: in the side drawer in the Siddur section. In the iPhone edition, it’s in the “Plus” tab in version 3.30.

What is so special about the Tefila in CalJ?

The main advantage is to have it in your pocket, so you could daven while at the office, or stuck at the train station.

Of course there are a lot of good Siddur apps out there (although not many are free of charge). However in CalJ, we know about dates. The Tefila displays the right sections on the right days (Chanuka, 10 Yemei Teshuva, etc.) and only then, as in the example below:

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Shana Tova,


3 thoughts on “Tefilat Arvit in CalJ”

    1. Dear Phil,

      I didn’t really follow a particular rule. The texts of the Tefilot in CalJ come from various online sources, using a notation or another. If you think I should make it more uniform, please let me know which notation you prefer (and why!).

  1. ^ In strict law, one should only recite Mincha between sunset and nightfall if one recites Arvit after nightfall; conversely one should only recite Arvit between sunset and nightfall if one recites Mincha before sunset; in other words one should not take advantage of both flexibilities at once so as to combine the prayers. The prevailing practice, of doing exactly that, is regarded as an emergency measure. On yet another view, the disputed period is not that between sunset and nightfall but the last seasonally adjusted hour and a quarter before sunset.

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