How to Export Holidays & Anniversaries into Android Calendar?


Open the Drawer, go to Festivals screen, and tap the Calendar icon in the Top Bar.

You will be prompted to choose to which Calendar to export the holidays of the next 12 months ahead. You can pick any Calendar defined in your Android system.

NB: All the events within one year from now, will be transferred — and only these ones.

If, in the Settings screen, you had activated the option to show your user-defined anniversaries in the Festivals list, they will be transferred too.

You may repeat later the Export operation as often as needed over time, if you wish to transfer more upcoming events. The program does not create duplicates in your calendar, so you don’t need to bother about overlapping.

8 thoughts on “How to Export Holidays & Anniversaries into Android Calendar?”

    1. Thanks a lot!

      Yes, with the iOS edition too, you can export the holidays and anniversaries to your system’s calendar.

  1. Your latest feature that of’ upcoming events’ is the very best!! Now I don’t have an excuse if I forget a yahrzeit.
    Because of this feature I have send you a donation.
    Keep up this vital work

  2. This application is amazing special everyone should have it . It helps you out a lot may hashem bless the person who made this application stay safe and healthy and happy and. I have told all my friends to get the application.

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