Around the Jewish World with CalJ


One of the main usages of CalJ, and the earliest one too, is to prepare one’s trip by looking up Shabbat times at destination before booking.

In my latest CalJ update (2.6) for Android, I propose to travel together.

The Jewish world is small, it is said, and yet it is still a wonder – to me anyway – to visit new or ancient synagogues everywhere, all different in all kinds of places. Each offers a different architecture, features special ornaments, hints at the influences of countries, eras and cultures in which our great people has always been able to evolve without every losing its identity and uniqueness.

They are all different and yet, it is even more wonderful to find in each the so much familiar landmarks that are the Heichal, the Aron, all the elements that give the Ben Israel the feeling of being at home among his brothers in every synagogue around the world.

I decided to go together on a small world tour of synagogues by an “image of the day” in the Options drawer that opens on the left in the Android application.


You can touch the image to read its description, and use the Action button to browse the page where it came from.

I do not own many photographs of synagogues, I will offer your mostly pictures found on the Internet. I don’t pretend to show you thousands of them of course, but if you like the idea בע’ה and want to share beautiful pictures, I invite you to send them to me.

Besides, this small project does not need to be limited to synagogues. A proper tour of the Jewish world would be so much more than that!

Enjoy your trip, and thank you again for using my app.


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