Winter Time in Israel


In Israel the Daylight Saving Time is usually switched to Winter Clock just before Yom Kippur in order to alleviate the course of the day for everyone.

But as the secular calendar date of Yom Kippur is different each year, a majority among the government and the business world have been asking for several years an alignment of the date of transition to winter time on what is done in Europe. This is now done, and in 2013 the country will go to winter time on October 27, despite a Yom Kippur on September 14. This alignment with European countries is likely to continue in the following years.

Unfortunately, computers and mobile phones must be updated so that they can take into account this change. In particular, Apple will certainly release sooner or later an update to the iOS system, but until then iOS devices will use a wrong transition date for the winter time in Israel.

As a direct consequence of this, in CalJ App the Shabbat times and Zmanim are offset by one hour from Yom Kippur 5774 until 27 October 2013 (including the Chagim).

It is important to download the update 2.1.7 of CalJ due out in the coming days, and to manually set the time zone to GMT +3 to (Summer Clock in Israel). You will then switch back to GMT +2 (or automatic detection, which should select: Asia/Jerusalem) when the Winter time becomes effective on October 27.

Shana tova !

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