The list of Festivals of the year begins in September instead of January


The Festivals list spans over one year only.

You can display the year of your choice, by tapping the right/left arrows to jump the previous/next year. The CalJ app can compute any year in the future (or in the past). You don’t have to wait for the next New Year date in order to look up the dates of festivals.

The list can be displayed in “Jewish Year” mode, or in “Secular Year” mode. In Jewish Year mode the list goes from Rosh HaShana to the next Rosh HaShana. In Secular mode, the list displays the secular year, starting January 1st, thru December 31.

You can toggle modes by tapping the toolbar button shaped with a circular arrow.

[When you export the festivals to your iOS Calendar, only the dates that are currently listed on this screen are exported. If you want to export the festivals of another year than the one displayed, you must first use the arrows to show the year of your choice, and then perform the export again.]

4 thoughts on “The list of Festivals of the year begins in September instead of January”

    1. Thanks for using my app.
      On Android you need to pull open the side drawer (either with a physical button on your device, or by tapping the CalJ icon at the top).
      In this side menu you will find several options and actions.


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