Can I configure more than one city?


You can add as many cities as you wish. Go to the Settings tab, open the Location section.

You can either search a city by name, or use the GPS sensor of the device to locate your current position, which you can decide to bookmark for future reuse.

If you choose to Locate using the GPS, you will first be prompted to double-check that your current place isn’t already in your list of bookmarks, and if not, you may click the blue button at the bottom of the list.

From the Date screen (leftmost tab), you can swipe the city name left or right (on iOS) to jump to the next bookmark.

4 thoughts on “Can I configure more than one city?”

  1. Hello,
    I used to love your app because I am a traveling salesman and all I had to do to know the zmanim was press “locate now” in settings, but since the update that feature does not work.
    Will you be fixing that issue?!!!

    1. Hi, thank you for using my app.

      You may click the button at the bottom of the list of bookmarked cities. This big blue button says “The place I need is not on my list, let’s proceed with GPS”.


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