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I am excited to present my WordPress Plugin for the Shabbat Times. If you run a congregation’s Website with WordPress, you may now show the Zmanim for your town to your visitors and the name of the weekly Parasha.

It is shipped as a shortcode which you can use as follows:

Shabbat begins [ caljshabbat val="shabbat.begins" ], Ends [ caljshabbat val="shabbat.ends" ]

which would print this:

Shabbat begins 19:30, Ends 20:31

You can install it from the official WordPress plugins repository:

or directly from the Dashboard page of you Website.

You will need to register (free) to obtain an API key.

The available data for the Shortcode are:

  • "shabbat.jday" : 23
  • "shabbat.jmonthName" : Av
  • val="shabbat.jmonthName" lang="he" : אב
  • "shabbat.jyear" : 5782
  • "" : New York City
  • val="shabbat.parasha" : Ekev
  • [ caljshabbat lang=ru val=shabbat.parasha] : Экев
  • "shabbat.begins" : 19:30
  • "shabbat.ends" : 20:31
  • val="shabbat.endsHour12" : 8
  • "dafyomi.string" : כתובות לט

Feel free to contact me if you need any help implementing the plugin on your Website, or if you wish to suggest improvements.

שבת שלום,


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